Raghuram K Ravi

Founder & CEO  (April 2021 -)

Raghuram K Ravi is the founder and CEO of DOS13 Corporation.

He is an Indian entrepreneur, and computer engineer. Raghuram K Ravi was born in 1993 in a Tamil family from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He launched his professional career working for Aagna corporate services as a Business development executive in Chennai, India. His company, DOS13 Corporation was founded in 2021 and established its offices in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India and London, United Kingdom. Since then, he has worked towards creating an organization that delivers world-class services to customers, ensures employee delight, while creating and sustaining long-term profitable growth and high momentum.

Raghuram K Ravi graduated with a Bachelors of Technology in Information Technology from the Thiruvalluvar College of Engineering & Technology, in 2014.

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